E-Trips platform makes life easier for Travel Management Company (TMC) and Corporate Traveler. E-Trips offer easy way to manage Pre (Profiles) and post travel (Reservation information) data well and also offer unique and complex policies that help corporate traveler and TMC accomplish corporate and savings goals with sophisticated policy engine. E-Trips offers travelers, Travel Arrangers and Travel Consultant a user-friendly platform where they can efficiently book trips and meetings from a traditional workspace, tablet and smartphone.


E-Agent platform makes life easier for traditional travel agent that works with B2B and B2B2C travel companies and help them enhance their online business with accuracy, productivity and cost saving. E-Agent offer a roof where Travel Agency has a choice to connect with specific GDS/Multiple GDS , LCC, Multiple Hotel Supplier, Multiple Bus Supplier, dynamic holiday packaging system etc. E-Agent Support third party ticketing without any manual intervene.


E-Tripbuyer platform make life easier for the travel agency who wants to offer a direct booking engine to the end user. End user will have option to book the complete itinerary for their travel that is End user will have option to book Air, Hotel and Car transfer. An user friendly interface make traveler job easy to select and book the itinerary.


E-MobileTrip platform is developed for the corporate traveler and Travel Agency. That helps them to connect with customer on 24*7. EMobileTrip Support all the major mobile phone operation system that is IOS, Android, Window and Blackberry.


E-Automation is dedicated to Travel agency that helps to increase the revenue. E-Automation is a bundle of small product that can help travel agency to increase the revenue E-Automation keep track of segment status thereby preventing agency debit memo.


E-Dynamicpackage is a method used in package holiday bookings to enable consumers to build their own package of flights, accommodation, and car rental instead of purchasing a pre-defined package. E-Dynamicpackage pricing is always based on current availability, escorted group tours are rarely included, and trip-specific add-ons such as airport parking and show tickets are often available. Dynamic packages are similar in that often the air, hotel, and car rates are available only as part of a package or only from a specific seller.


E-PNRQuality helps travel agency to check the PNR on certain rules that is defined in the master before ticket issuance.