Jocose Solutions provide consultancy to re-engineering the complete operational process of Travel Agency and Travel Management Company. As a part of consultancy, we do, analysis of existing business process and identify the pain area. On the basis of analysis, Jocose Solutions offers solution that can increase Travel Agency and Travel Management company business efficiency in terms of accuracy, productivity, cost and time saving.

Discover in more detail our consultancy include but are not limited to the following:
Business/User Analysis
Usability Review & Testing

Application Development

We follow JAD (Joint Application Development) methodology that involves the client or end user in the design and development of an application and helps to decrease the requirement GAP.
Jocose Solutions provides a full spectrum of Joint Application Development service:
Software application development based on the distinctive business needs and processes that put your products and services above the competition
Reengineering and migration services that transform your legacy applications into modern, cost-efficient technology solutions Software maintenance services to ensure the highest levels of application performance and business-critical levels of service

Mobile Application Development

Jocose Solutions offers Cross-platform mobile development for all major mobile platforms that is
iOS → Objective-C, Cocoa, OpenGL, SQLLite
Android → Java, OpenGL, RenderScript, SQLLite
Blackberry → Java, ActionScript
Win Phone 7, Windows 8 → C#, Silverlight, XNA
Cross-platform → JavaScript, HTML5, WebKit, PhoneGap, Titanium

Quality Assurance

We Understand software defects have a direct, negative impact on business profitability. Even a small number of defects can have a catastrophic impact on a business, its customers, and its partners. There are many benefits and less risks in having an independent software testing partner in place of in-house testing. Independent testers and test consultants bring a much-needed impartiality to the testing processes for better quality, and in-house personnel are freed up to focus on their core business activities. Independent testing brings with it the best-of-breed quality management processes, because that is their core business activity.

SMS Gateway Integration

E-Automation is dedicated to Travel agency that helps to increase the revenue. E-Automation is a bundle of small product that can help travel agency to increase the revenue E-Automation keep track of segment status thereby preventing agency debit memo.


Use Jocose Solutions SMS Gateway Integration platform to quickly and easily integrate any system or many SMS messaging gateway. The modern day web demands you to integrate and interface 3rd party SMS API with your site so that your customers can have a "Unified Experience". Jocose Solutions product support SMS gateway Integration

XML/API Integration

Jocose Solutions provides XML API Integration for travel companies. This way our customer can benefit from the inventories and other travel XML API services provided by the third party, by having a quick and easy XML API integration. Extend your customers' choices to flight XML API booking, hotel XML API booking, car XML API booking, insurance and many more with access to multiple GDS and external content with our XML integration white label services. Increase your revenues and enable cross-selling with full content, mark-ups, negotiated fares, packaging features, service fees, agency defined air fare promotions, as well as optimising and ranking possibilities to make the most out of search engines